March 25th, 2017

We had a great time competing at the Clackamas Academy of Industrial Science District Competition this last weekend, and we’re looking forward to continuing our season at the District Championships in Cheney, Washington. We finished our first day of qualification matches in first place and held our ranking through the next morning to captain the number one alliance of the event. Joining us in the top alliance was Glencoe robotics team, Shockwave, and C.T.E.C., a rookie team this year from Salem. Despite some tough defensive play during semifinals, with a ton of support from the stands, our awesome drive team and pit crew got us to finals where we won the event. We were also recognized with the Entrepreneurship Award which qualifies us to compete for the Entrepreneurship Award at District Championships. Our team’s strategy lead, Andrew Kassab, was also nominated at the event as a Dean’s List semifinalist and will go on to compete for the title of finalist at Cheney.

We would like to thank Team 2550, Skynet, from Clackamas Academy of Industrial Science for hosting this wonderful event (watch the highlight reel here), and we look forward to returning to FIRST Steamworks at District Championships in April!