Course Curriculum

THIS PROFICIENCY-BASED CREDIT COURSE is offered to interested Wilsonville Robotics FIRST Team 1425 members looking to supplement their high school STEAM coursework curriculum with rigorous PBC course requirements, earning a high school graduation requirement credit. Goals: The intent of the course is to build the academic & technical knowledge and skill sets outlined below, through comprehensive training and real world applications.

Short Term Goals: Participate on a FIRST Robotics team and sub-team to create a robot for the FRC competition season. Demonstrate and document knowledge and skills. Execute an individual project that satisfies required elements.

Long Term Goals Common (Career-Related) Learning Goals:

• Personal Management: Develop competence in personal management that contributes to fulfilling and balancing responsibilities of multiple life roles

• Problem Solving: Develop and use productive and socially responsible approaches for resolving problems

• Communication: Select and use appropriate communication

• Teamwork: Develop and use interpersonal skills that contribute to cooperation and teamwork in working toward common goals and understand group diversity related issues

• Employment Foundations: Integrate academic, technical and organizational knowledge and skills to work successfully

• Career Development: Develop skills to assess personal characteristics, interests, abilities, and strengths and develop skills in identifying, evaluating, and using a variety of resources.


INCLUDED HERE are links to .pdf files of all the course documents:  our initial course proposal application to the school district; the course syllabus; the student application form; the weekly journal template; the project requirements for each of the sub-teams; the demonstrated skills and knowledge proficiency matrices for each sub-team; sample student projects for each of the Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced levels; an Excel spreadsheet from FIRST Robotics with alignments to Common Core and National STEM Course Standards.